Word of Mouth Referrals

Your website's secret mission

Your website has a secret mission

Your website has a secret mission: It quietly supports your clinic's word-of-mouth (WOM) referrals. Why is this a secret mission? Because your website is your WOM's unsung hero. It doesn't get the recognition it deserves.

We know this sounds odd, so let's look at it from the view of a referred client:

Once Upon a Dog Park

One day in the dog park, your client, Mary, mentions how good you are with her dog to her friend Alice. Alice is new to the neighbourhood and is looking for the right vet for her dog Fluffy.

Alice trusts Mary, but wants a little more information before deciding where to take Fluffy (since Tom, whom she also ran into recently, recommended Clinic X who's about the same distance away).

Google Knows All

Alice gets home and Googles for your clinic (Mary told her the name, but didn't remember the website). This is the crucial time: What is Alice going to find? Let's Choose Your Own Adventure to find out.

Path 1: You Don't Have a Website

Alice doesn't find your website. She can't get anymore information on your clinic, so isn't willing to take Fluffy 'into the unknown'. She finds Clinic X's website and decides it's worth a try. Game over.

Path 2: You Have an Outdated Website

After a lot of Googling, Alice finally finds your website. It's boxy and worn out, the colours are odd and it's clearly out of date.

Alice is worried that your website reflects the quality of medicine at your clinic. She's now hesitant to take Fluffy to you - your clinic just doesn't seem to match the bond she has with Fluffy. Alice has another look at Clinic X's website and picks up the phone...

Path 3: You Have a Great Website

Alice finds your website easily. It looks inviting and is modern. Clearly your clinic is too. This completely supports what Mary was saying. Alice confidently grabs the phone and books an appointment.

The Moral

Alice's Choose Your Own Adventure happens everyday

Alice's Choose Your Own Adventure happens everyday. The tricky thing is that with Paths 1 and 2, you will never know that Alice considered you. This is true for any potential client who looks for a veterinary clinic in your area.

Mission Complete

Remember the secret mission? Here's the proof: When Alice fills out her New Client form, under "How did you hear about us?", she will answer "Word-of-mouth". Your website just doesn't get the respect it deserves.

Want a veterinary website Alice will love? Try Easy-VetSite™.

The Magic Number: 80%

80%. That's the magic number.

Currently, 61% of all your potential new clients are going to your website for information about your clinic. In the 35-44 year-old demographic (the veterinary client 'sweet-spot'), it's at least 80%*.

Are your potential 80% choosing Path 1, 2 or 3? Your website is the key.

* Percentages based on studies from the Pew Research Center

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