Domain Names, Hosting & More

Everything you need to get you online

A good website company doesn't just build your website, it gets you online. We know that you don't want to run around looking for services after your website is built. We think getting online should be seamless, so we help take care of all the technical details. Simply.

VetSpot™ Domain Names

You own your domain name. It's yours.

Want a domain of your own (e.g. We're here for you.

Simply let us know what you would like and we can register it on your behalf. This means that, unlike with a lot other companies, you own your domain name. It's yours and you have full control.

Easy-VetHost™ Website Hosting

We know that dependability is critical for your website. That's why we have some of the best, independently-verified hosting services in the world.

You can rest easy knowing that your website is up and running, and lightning fast. You simply cannot find a more reliable place for your website.

Easy-VetMail™ Professional Email

Tired of "petdr283" ?

Tired of It's time to get proven professional email that's secure, stable and simple to use.

Our Easy-VetMail™ gives you webmail, desktop email and mobile device support, and an online calendar, to-do list and notepad - all in one. And you get a full 10 gigabytes of account space (yup, we're bigger than Gmail).

Easy-VetMail™ lets you create any email address from your domain name. Want No problem. How about Absolutely - any address that you want. Look and feel professional.

Easy-VetAssess™ Veterinary Website Assessments

Have an existing website but not sure if it's up to snuff? We can help. Our unique Easy-VetAssess™ service takes an unbiased look at your website and gives you and easy-to-read report (no techno-jargon here) that highlights what your website is doing well and what could be improved.

You'll understand your website and it's performance like never before. Sweet.

Graphic Design and More

Need help with logos, pictures, videos or even brochures, posters and other graphic design work? We can help with that too.

No-Nonsense Guarantee™: It's good to know you're covered

If there's a problem, we fix it

A warranty on a website? You bet. As part of our commitment to customer service, we back all our websites and services with an unmatched 1 year warranty.

In a nutshell, if you have a problem, we fix it. No attitude, no techno-jargon and no passing the buck. It's as simple as that.

To get started with any of the above services, please give us a buzz.

Our Pricing

Don't you hate when pricing is hidden? So do we.

  • VetSpot™ domain name: .com / .net: $30 per year; .ca: $45 per year
  • Easy-VetHost™ veterinary website hosting: $25 per month
  • Easy-VetMail™ professional email account: $5 per month
  • Easy-VetAssess™ veterinary website assessment: $190
  • Graphic Design & more: $135 per hour

Google Goodie: Title-rific!

Want to just find words in the title of the page? No problem: Use "intitle". E.g. intitle:canine