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Veterinary website stories

We love it when a plan comes together. Here are the stories of some of our clients.

Animal Health Laboratory and Agriculture and Food Laboratory, Laboratory Services, University of Guelph

AHL and AFL website - Lab Services University of Guelph

The Animal Health Laboratory (AHL) and the Agriculture and Food Laboratory (AFL) are the two main divisions of Laboratory Services (LS) at the University of Guelph. The AHL is the premiere lab in Canada for specialized veterinary diagnostics, and the AFL is the leading Canadian lab for agriculture and food products testing.

The old LS website contained a wealth of information, but it was difficult to navigate and was looking very dated. It was also difficult to update and did not represent either the AHL or the AFL well.

Bionex rebuilt the LS website with the key roles of the AHL and AFL in mind by creating two "sub-websites", one each for the AHL and AFL divisions, under a unifying LS umbrella.

The result is a website that showcases the AHL and AFL divisions of LS and is very easy to navigate and use. It has a modern design and is simple for LS employees to update.

The new website looks professional, provides better access to information for clients and lets LS update their website in real time, keeping them current.

Davenport Road Animal Hospital

Davenport Road Animal Hosptial website

Davenport Road Animal Hospital (DRAH) is a single-veterinarian practice in the heart of the city that prides itself on personal, client-centred service.

DRAH wanted their website to reflect their friendly, open approach to veterinary medicine, but without appearing 'homely'.

Their website is designed with a simple, approachable style that reflects their clinical philosophy. The colors are drawn from their logo and are used throughout their website to create a warm, inviting feel while still looking professional.

At the top of the website is the finishing touch: A slide-show of images featuring the owner's and staff's pets, giving the website a truly personal connection to the clinic.

John Tait Veterinary Consulting

John Tait Veterinary Consulting website

Dr. John Tait is a veterinarian who provides veterinary financial consulting services. If you're looking to evaluate your practice, increase its efficiency, or get expert advice in other veterinary businesses, Dr. Tait is the person to contact.

Dr. Tait's resume is impressive: He has, among other things, worked in private practice, been a VP at Veterinary Centers of America (VCA), taught at Michigan State, Atlantic Veterinary College and the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, directed the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at the Ontario Veterinary College and served as the president of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).

To showcase his consulting services and professional achievements, Dr. Tait wanted to develop a website that was straight-forward and professional.

The John Tait Veterinary Consulting (JTVC) website is clean and unpretentious, keeping the focus on information about JTVC's services and Dr. Tait's credentials.

Learn more about who we are and what we do.

A Few More

Here are a few more clients that we've been lucky enough to work for.

Abbeydale Animal Hospital
Black Creek Animal Hospital
Dufferin Veterinary Hospital
Equine Guelph's Equimania
Focus & Flourish Veterinary Surgical Workshops (Dr. Anne Sylvestre)
Mississauga-Oakville Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital
Romeo Pet Hospital
South Peel Veterinary Hospital
Veterinary Emergency Clinic of York Region and 404 Veterinary Referral Hospital
VetRad Diagnostic Imaging Consultations (Dr. Stephanie Nykamp)

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